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MITSUBISHI xd700U 5000 LUMENS XGA (1024x768)
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MITSUBISHI xd700U 5000 LUMENS XGA (1024x768)
Garantía: Oficial 2 Años


Somos Agentes Oficiales Mitsubishi en Argentina 

Consultenos por Importantes Beneficios.

Functions & Highlights
  • BrilliantColor™
  • Color Enhancer
  • Wall Screen
  • 10W Speaker
  • User Logo Projection
  • Manual Lens Shift
  • Efficient Mode
  • USB/LAN Display
  • Remote Desktop
  • Computer-free Presentations
  • Stand-by Audio
  • Audio Mix
  • Visual PA
  • Password Lock
  • Direct Power Off
  • Long-life Lamp
  • Low Standby Power
  • Top/Side Loading Lamp
  • LAN (RJ-45)
  • HDMI
  • Closed Caption
  • Low Fan Noise
  • Picture Performance
  • Presentation
  • User Friendly

Full Flexibility for a Diverse Range of Uses

from conference rooms to lecture halls, floor-standing to ceiling-suspended

Always working to provide superior products, Mitsubishi Electric is delighted to introduce the XD700U of premium-grade mobile projectors. Extremely reliable and easy to use, this projector line-up produces images at the amazingly high contrast of 3000:1 and with 5000lm brightness. Features such as a long-life lamp (5000hr) to ensure reliability, an Efficient mode for eco-conscious operation, a simple lens shift function for quick setup/installation, and USB/LAN display, remote desktop control and other unique network-compatible functions ensure user-friendly operation wherever used.

High Image Quality

Vivid color 5000lm Brightness and 3000:1 High Contrast

Projection of clear, 
sharp images even in brightly lit rooms

Features including impressive 5000lm brightness and a high contrast of 3000:1 allow the XD700U to reproduce clear, sharp images regardless of venue size, be it a large meeting room or lecture hall. Mitsubishi Electric's original color wheel and BrilliantColor™ are incorporated as well, ensuring life-like color reproduction. Whether coming from a computer, video-cassette player or other source, the reproduction of vivid images full of color is guaranteed.




High Reliability & Eco-conscious

Energy-efficient Mode Selection

Models are equipped with selection functions for the lamp, power source and standby mode, allowing each to be set according to the usage environment.

Lamp Mode: Standard / Low
Standby Mode: Low / LAN / Speaker Out / Monitor Out
Auto Power Off: OFF / 5Min / 10Min / 15Min / 30Min / 60Min


Estimated 5000-hour lamp life (in Low mode)

A longer service life for the projection lamp has been achieved by incorporating an optimal design for lamp temperature control. Benefits include substantial reductions in projector operating cost and the labor required for changing the lamp.

Lamp life specification is an estimate based on verification under proper conditions and is not the duration of the warranty. Lamp will shut-off automatically when usage reaches the specified estimated maximum lamp hours. Service life may vary widely depending on usage and operating environment and conditions, as well as users' adherence to the maintenance and cleaning procedures provided in the user's manual.

Auto Power Off

If no image signal is output for a predetermined period of time*, power is automatically turned off, realizing energy savings by reducing needless power consumption.

*Time preset by user

Stand-by Wattage under 0.5W*

Stand-by (low) mode power consumption is less than 0.5W, offering increased energy savings and further contributing to environmental preservation.

*When in stand-by (low) mode. At this time, use of the LAN function is not possible.

Unpainted Cabinet (Recyclable)

As an eco-conscious measure to promote recycling, an unpainted projector cabinet is adopted.


Installation flexibility & User friendly Presentation

Lens Shift Function (Vertical only)

Simply open the top cover on the projector and use the shift-adjustment toggle to manually shift the lens vertically. This eliminates the need to move the projector to adjust the position of images being projected, enabling the flexibility to install it in virtually any setting environment.

Shift-adjustment toggle

Availability area for lens shift from default position

*Please refer to "Screen Size and Projection Distance" on the back cover.

Quiet 28dB Operation

Projection fan noise can be distracting during a presentation or videoconference. The XD700U projectors operate at a significantly low noise level of only 28dB (i.e., in "low lamp" mode). As a result, presentations and conferences can be held without distracting projector noise in the background. 

Excellent Sound Projection (10W Speaker+Audio Mix)

Loud 10W built-in speaker + Audio Mix

Using Audio Mix and the built-in 10W speaker, the voice of the presenter and audio from an external audio source can be delivered simultaneously.


Various Presentation Function

Computer-free Presentation (PC less presentation) [PtG file/JPEG Viewer]

Using "PtG Converter", PowerPoint files can be converted into a special format and saved on a USB storage device. When the USB device is connected to the projector, users can replay slideshows or animation effects using only the projector.

Note: The types of slideshows and animation effects that can be replayed are limited.

JPEG files saved on a USB storage device can be projected in slideshow style.

Note: Only compatible with JPEG files.

Remote Desktop

When using the LAN Display function, a USB mouse or USB keyboard can be connected to the projector enabling direct access to a computer utilizing the Internet or other application.

USB Display/LAN Display

To use the projector to reproduce images from a computer, a USB cable, LAN cable or commercially available wireless dongle can be used. For displaying images via a LAN, up to four computers can be connected to one projector. The projection screen can be divided into quarters, reproducing all computer screens simultaneously.



Only one optional USB Type-A port from a computer can be directly connected to a projector. Multiple connections using a USB hub is not possible.


For displaying images via a LAN, network settings are required.


Not all USB dongles are compatible.

Network Connectivity

Projectors are equipped with a RJ−45 LAN terminal for remote operation. Additionally, when used with Crestron RoomView™, integrated control of up to 250 projectors including power on/off control, message display and confirmation of lamp service hours is possible. Mitsubishi Electric XD700U is equipped with AMX Device Discovery for simplified device management and compatible with PJLink™.

The trademark of PJLink is trademark applied for registration or registered trademark in Japan, the United States, and other countries and areas.


Somos agentes oficiales Mitsubishi en Argentina.
Consultenos por importantes beneficios
.SpecificationsDisplay technology

0.7" 1-chip DMDResolution

1024 × 768 (total 786,432 pixels)Brightness*

5000lmContrast ratio

3000 : 1Picture size

40" – 300"Throw ratio

1.4 – 2.1Source lamp

Standard Mode: 280W (Shut-off Time 3000hrs), 
Low Mode: 230W (Shut-off Time 5000hrs)
PC compatibility

640 × 480 - 1600 × 1200, True : 1024 × 768,
Sync on Green available
Video compatibility

NTSC / NTSC 4.43 / PAL (including PAL-M, N) / SECAM / PAL-60
Component video: 480i/p (525i/p), 576i/p (625i/p), 720p (750p), 1080i/p (1125i/p 50/60Hz)
Input terminals

RGB: mini D-sub 15pin × 2
Audio: Stereo mini jack (ø3.5mm) × 2 (one for PC1, the other for PC2)
Video: RCA × 1 + S-VIDEO × 1
Digital: HDMI × 1
Video Audio: RCA jack (L/R) × 1
Output terminals

RGB: mini D-sub 15pin × 1
Audio: Stereo mini jack (ø3.5mm) × 1
Communication terminals

SERIAL: mini D-sub 9pin × 1 (RS232C)
LAN (RJ-45): × 1 (Projector control, LAN Display)
USB type-A: Wireless Display, Computer-free Presentation (PC less presentation)
USB type-B: USB Display
Audio speaker

10W monoDimensions (W × H × D)

345 × 134 × 270 mm / 13.6 × 5.3 × 10.6 inchWeight

4.1kg / 9.0lbsPower requirements

AC 100 - 240V, 50/60HzOptional lamp


Compliance with ISO21118-2005

Varies depended on condition.

All brand names and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or trade names of their respective holders.

Lamp life specification is an estimate based on verification under proper conditions and is not the duration of the warranty. Lamp will shut-off automatically when usage reaches the specified estimated maximum lamp hours.
Service life may vary widely depending on usage and operating environment and conditions, as well as users' adherence to the maintenance and cleaning procedures provided in the user manual.

"HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries."

PAGE TOP PAGE TOPInput and Output TerminalsInput and Output TerminalsScreen Size and Projection Distance

Side view

Screen Size and Projection Distance



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