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The new Emotiva XMC-1 represents a breakthrough in audiophile-caliber, multi-channel pre-amplification, HD surround decoding, post processing, and HDMI video management. It is the first product of a new generation of high performance digital audio products developed under the guidance of our Chief DSP Engineer, Ray Dennison.

The XMC-1 is a class-leading product with truly stellar design and unrivaled audio quality, incorporating useful and highly sophisticated features, including an exclusive Emotiva version of the revolutionary TACT® Dynamic Room Correction™ system.

Based on a powerful and flexible DSP architecture controlled by an advanced ARM processor running custom Linux software, the XMC-1 provides a flexible and expandable platform that will make it current and technologically relevant for years to come. We are also committed to continuously developing and expanding the capabilities and features of the XMC-1 over time with our ongoing Enhancement Program.

The Emotiva XMC-1 – The promise, fulfilled.

  • Computer I/O
  • 1 Ethernet port for control (RJ-45) for:
  • Firmware updates.
  • Streaming audio capability.
  • Drivers for Control4, RTI, URC, Crestron, etc.
  • Setup and control via PC/ Mac.
  • TACT® GUI interface.
  • Firmware update via USB-A.

  • Audio Capabilities
  • Twin Texas Instrument 32-bit floating-point dual-core 300 MHz DA710 DSP`s capable of 1800 MIPS each handle all audio decoding and post processing.
  • Asynchronous sample rate converters for extremely high jitter immunity.
  • True 7.2 digital decoding with stereo bass management and post processing for the ultimate cinema and stereo listening experience.
  • Fully independent crossover settings for fronts, center, surrounds, backs, & subs.
  • Independently variable frequencies and slope rates by channel groupings.
  • Stereo subwoofer support with independent level, distance and EQ.
  • Selectable dynamic range control.
  • Selectable Fletcher-Munson loudness compensation.
  • Selectable independent or global multi-band parametric EQ.
  • Global bass and treble controls.
  • Exclusive TACT® TCS 3e™ Dynamic Room Correction™ system with PC/MAC GUI for complete system control and adjustment "on-the-fly" (overrides standard bass and loudspeaker management and EQ).

  • Video Capabilities
  • HDMI v1.4-Bit Perfect Switching with Video Processing Bypass – 4K compatible.
  • Color OSD overlays and setup menus with no interruption or degradation of the native video, variable transparency.
  • Dual Analog Device ADV7623 video switches for true "Bit-Perfect" HDMI switching.

  • DACs and Volume Controls
  • Burr-Brown PCM4202 ADC for precision analog to digital conversion.
  • Burr-Brown DSD 1793 main zone DACs.
  • Dual CS3310 lossless resistor ladder volume controls for main zone. .5dB resolution.
  • NJW 1298 lossless resistor ladder volume controls for secondary zones and mix out. .5dB resolution.

  • Record Out (analog & S/PDIF)
  • Two-channel down-mix of analog or digital source playing in main zone.
  • True tape monitor loop.

  • Mix Out
  • Variable two-channel down-mix of analog or digital source playing in main zone - volume tracks main zone.

  • Second Audio Zone
  • Independent audio selection from:
      - Balanced Analog In.
  • Unbalanced Analog In 1-4:
      - 7.1 analog in down-mix.
      - AM/FM tuner (shared with main zone).
      - USB Audio (2-channel only).
      - Ethernet Audio (2-channel only).
      - Zone 1 sync, including multichannel sources.
  • Analog selections can be used with main zone off.
  • Independent volume control .5dM resolution.

  • Main System Micro processor
  • Texas Instruments AM-1808 Sitara Arm9 32 bit 375MHz processor.

  • Display
  • Custom designed full graphical 256x64 OLED blue display 5.5" display width.


  • 7 - HDMI (6 rear, 1 front) HDMI v1.4.
  • 4 - digital optical audio (Toslink) up to 24/192K.
  • 4 - digital coax audio (RCA) up to 24/192K.
  • 1 - pair reference quality balanced analog audio (XLR).
  • 1 - pair reference quality analog audio (RCA, 3 micron gold plated Tiffany style).
  • 4 - pair unbalanced analog audio (RCA).
  • 1 - 7.1 channel analog input set for external source such as multichannel SACD (RCA).
  • 1 - high performance AM-FM tuner - world compliant with selectable frequency step range.
  • 2 - USB Type A (front & rear).
  • audio file player (supports FLAC/ AAC/ WAV/MP3).
  • 1 - USB-type B dedicated for high bitrate lossless streaming audio using the C-Media 6631 (24/192K).
  • 1 - calibration microphone (front panel 3.5mm) Precision calibrated TACT® measurement microphone included.

  • 1 - HDMI V1.4 with CEC and ARC.
  • 1- 7.2 main outputs, analog audio (RCA, solid brass, 3 micron gold plated Tiffany style).
  • 1 - 7.2 main outputs, balanced analog audio (XLR).
  • 1 - optical record out, digital (Toslink) native bitrate output.
  • 1 - coax record out, digital (RCA) native bit rate output.
  • 1 - pair stereo line-level analog record outputs (RCA).
  • 1 - pair stereo Analog Mix outputs with separate lossless NJW1298 analog volume control (RCA).
  • 1 - pair stereo Analog Zone 2 outputs with separate lossless NJW1298 analog volume control (RCA).
  • 1 - studio quality, high current stereo headphone output using TPA-6130 (front panel 3.5mm).

  • SIZE:
    unboxed: 3RU high x 17" wide x 17" deep

*Optional rackmount available
*Specifications subject to change without notice.



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